Welcome to Hope’s Haven online training! If this is your first time helping at camp, welcome! The entire purpose of training is to inform and better equip you for this specific ministry. We have the training broken up into easily manageable pieces. You are welcome to complete them in any order and in your own time frame, as long as it’s done before our live equipping session and Q&A.

You’ll notice that in each section there is a short ‘quiz’ where the questions will provide instant feedback for your answer. Do your best, but if you do end up missing a question, don’t worry! This isn’t a pass/fail quiz, but a reinforcement of what was talked about in the training clip. Please submit all of the ‘quizzes’ so we can have a digital record that you completed training.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@hopeshavencamp.org or (570) 850-9443.

Introduction (No Quiz)
Overview of Staff Roles
Specific Staff Roles
Packing Guidelines
Overview of Camp
Rules & Guidelines
Common Disabilities
Possible Behaviors & How to Handle Them
Building Relationships
Camp Swatara (No Quiz)

Thank you for participating in our camp training.  We look forward to seeing you are camp orientation.  If you have not yet, you will be receiving a letter giving you additional information on when to arrive at camp and what to pack.

Remember:  Camp is about having fun, building relationships, and sharing the love of Jesus!